Launched in 2015, is an innovative solution to sell a horse online, at auction.

As a complement to its core business of organising live auctions, ARQANA has wished to diversify its service by offering tailor-made online sales that take advantage of the flexibility of the internet while following the same rules and proceedings as traditional auctions. 


The plateform hosts three types of sales:



Regularly scheduled sales
These regular sales scheduled throughout the year include horses in training, fillies and mares as well as breeding rights and stallion shaes. Bids are taken exclusively online for a defined period.

POP-UP sale

Opportunity-based sales
This is a tailor-made auction offering a maximum of reactivity and an optimal exposure for one or several lots, organised according to opportunities and performances throughout the year. Bids are taken exclusively online for a defined period.


Physical sale coupled with online bidding
This is a "traditional" sale where buyers have the opportunity to bid online, in addition to the "physical" bids taken at the sale's place. Online bidders follow the video of the live sale.



A HIGHLY rEactive

Within 48h, a sale can be planned, put online and announced to potential buyers.

A SECURE platform

Only the persons who have made a successful application with ARQANA for a given sale are entitled to bid online. They receive a personal access code allowing them to bid from any device (PC, tablet, smartphone).


A purpose-built communication plan and each sale spanning two days, showcases every horse in the best possible manner and gives all buyers a genuine chance to bid for it.